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FS Nostrand Merchant Association is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The “FS” in FS Nostrand indicates the boundaries of the corridor, which is from Farragut Road to Snyder Avenue. In 2016, Council Member Jumaane D. Williams of the 45th District partnered with HABNET to facilitate the FS Nostrand Merchant Association, the first merchant association in the area in nearly two decades.


The Mission of the FS Nostrand Merchant Association is to synchronize the efforts of the merchants and residents of Nostrand Avenue toward promoting and maintaining a clean and safe environment conducive to commercial and social activity, while showcasing, supporting and preserving, the corridor’s unique and largely Caribbean characteristics.


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FS Nostrand Merchant Association

It is a growing association of over 60 member businesses that are a part of Community Board 17 in addition to the 67th and 70th Precincts in East Flatbush Brooklyn, New York. It runs along Nostrand Avenue between Farragut Road and Snyder Avenue. This is an initiative by Councilmember Farah N. Louis and HABNET Chamber of Commerce to support and vitalize and develop the Nostrand Avenue Business corridor.

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2021 Pray for Haiti Vigil

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2019 Weekend Walk

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2018 Nostrand Street Fair

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Board Members

Dheydra Lovell, Chairwoman

Garden of Knowledge Daycare

Dolores Murat, Vice-Chair

Do Dor Services

Judh Grandchamps, Board Secretary

Baker's Treat

Clarence Lovell, Board Treasurer


Patrice Guillaume, Board Member

Olympia Pharmacy

Pamela Date, Board Member

Fay's Beauty Empire

Jackson Rockignster, Senior Advisor